What type of commercial insurance does a Non-profit need?

Many people are passionate about helping people or a community. As a result, they start a non-profit organization to make a positive difference. Unfortunely, non-profit organizations can get sued as well. One accident, one accusation, or one lawsuit while not having commercial insurance can destroy that non-profit. Before, you can help others. You first have to protect your non-profit with commercial insurance.

Here are the two main insurance policies for a new non-profit.

The first commercial insurance policy your new non-profit need is a general liability. General liability will protect you if someone gets physically hurt or physical damage to other’s property doing your non-profits presence.

The second is directors liability Insurance. It covers losses and defense costs in the event the non-profit suffers a loss as a result of a legal action brought for alleged wrongful acts for their directors and officers. For example, accusation of misuse financial funds from the directors.

Here at the Delgado Insurance Agency, we will sit down with your new non-profit and find the best commercial insurance to protect your organization.


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