Overcoming fear

Today, I was able to overcome my Alektorophobia (fear of chickens).Don’t let your fears stop you from starting your own business or paralyzes your life. Overcoming fear is a part of business and self-growth. Grab that chicken and show it who’s boss!

Your local business insurance agent

https://www.facebook.com/mannyinsures/photos/a.2247697801948133/3856538274397403/ Manny Delgado is your local business insurance agent in central Florida. We insure all types of businesses with business insurance including general liability insurance, workers comp insurance, professional liability and commercial property insurance. Delgado Insurance is located in Deland, FL, but we help any business in Florida. Let my business help protect your business. […]

Your local business insurance agent in Deland, Fl

If you are a business owner, it’s important to look at options on your business insurance. Here at Delgado Insurance, we pride ourselves in getting you a lower premium with additional insurance coverage. We do the following insurance: general liability, workers comp, professional liability, commercial auto and commercial property insurance. Manny Delgado is your local […]